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Health Insurance and Sporting Injuries

An active lifestyle

active lifestyle

Millions of people around the world, from all age groups, are fond of joining various sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and even combat sports like mixed martial arts and Karate. People are joining these sports because it keeps them active and healthy. However, this active lifestyle is not without its own disadvantages. When you join a particular sport or two, like baseball or soccer, you are prone to injuries common to the sport. For example, it is not common for baseball pitchers to suffer from tendonitis or for soccer players to get torn ACLs. It’s one big irony to think that sports can keep us healthy and unhealthy at the same time.

Health is wealth


When it comes to playing sports, your health should be your biggest concern. Although it is still about the fun and excitement, one should still learn how to protect themselves from harm. When we get injured, we always face the dilemma of “WHO SHOULD PAY THE BILLS?” because majority of us are not oriented if our insurance policies cover sporting injuries. Sprains and fractures may be minor and treatable, but they still cost money. How much more could you spend on healthcare if you broke your neck while practicing BJJ?

Insurance can protect you

Believe it or not, insurance policies can, or should, cover sporting injuries. According to insurance executive Courtney Rogers, there are different kinds of insurance that will help you pay for your injuries. For starters, it can cover medical expenses; this may or may not include medications, doctor’s professional fee, lab tests, etc. You can also get your money reimbursed by applying disability or dismemberment insurance. For long term injuries, you may want to look into long-term care insurance. Apart from insurance, liability should also be considered if you were injured because of someone else’s negligence.

What you need to know

high-risk sports

For high-risk sports, like scuba diving or mountain climbing, most insurance companies require you to sign a waiver of coverage. This is an agreement between you and the insurance company on limiting your coverage on the injuries that you acquire from the said sport. Worst case scenario, they won’t pay for your medical treatment if you break your spine or suffer a serious injury. However, if you feel unsafe with a waiver of coverage, you can always opt to purchase an insurance plan without the waiver. Please note that insurance policies without a waiver can be more costly.

If you had existing injuries before you got an insurance policy, you will not be compensated for the treatment of your injuries. Only the injuries that you acquired after getting an insurance policy will be covered. The good news here is that there are some insurance policies which will help pay for the treatment of your pre-existing conditions, but you need to wait for a few weeks or months.

Building a Flat Stomach – How to Make your Workout More Productive

What makes a workout program effective? Is a workout effective because of the weight or the technique? Is a program effective in helping you lose weight or gain muscle because of its philosophy? A program is effective because the people doing it are making it work for them. A person who bench presses 100 lbs can get more results than the guy doing 200 lbs because of this philosophy. When you make a workout work for you, you are more productive at the gym and you are making the program more effective for you.

  1. Tell the trainer to get lost – Having a fitness trainer is good if you’re just starting out, but if you’ve spent 2 years at the gym, you may want to get rid of the trainer. Think of yourself riding a bike and the fitness trainer is the training wheels. You can’t expect to progress if you rely too much on your trainer. A trainer’s mentality is geared towards helping novices adjust and progress to a certain level, but once you’ve hit that level, they can no longer be of help to you. They will just keep on giving you the same advice over and over again.
  2. Cycle your program every month – Cycling, in fitness jargon, refers to switching from one program to another. Cycling programs will help you progress further because you will be going from one philosophy to another. For example, I can do a program that involves mid weights with medium rep range for a month and I’d gain muscle. If I want to progress further, I can cycle to another program the next month by using another program that will help me increase my strength. This will not only help me avoid being stuck in a rut, but I will be making progress on another scale as well. By the next month, I can go back to my old program but I can adjust my weights because I’ve grown stronger. Don’t focus on just abdominal exercises alone, but go for core exercises like squats and deadlifts to help you build a well-rounded core. Squats will force your core to stabilize so it will be able to accommodate more weight and also help you build more endurance against hernia.
  3. Observe proper form – It’s imperative that your exercises are executed in proper form. This will help you stimulate growth more effectively. For example, when you bench press, lower the bar to the point that it touches your chest, rest for a second, and lift from there. You will be able to maximize the muscles being worked out like chest, biceps, triceps, and back all in one single yet effective range of motion. When doing abdominal crunches, make sure that your abdominal core is tight when you bend upwards and relaxed when you lie down back again to maximize the muscles.

Don’t forget toy eat healthy balanced diet with lean protein and drink a lot of water as part of the diet to flash the toxic out of your body.

Finally when you make your program work for you, it becomes more effective and more beneficial in your muscle building or weight loss journey.

Healthy Living Tips for the City Slicker

For those of you who are new to this blog, I was born and raised in a city. When I was growing up, I was obese. I had three layers of belly fat, two rings of arm flabs, and some thigh rings. This was due to the fact that I couldn’t get the chance to jog around the city because my mom wouldn’t permit it. When I reached college, I dropped the weight because there was plenty of opportunity for me to exercise. 4 years after college, I moved back into the city and started growing fat again. I had to stop this vicious cycle and for 6 months, I succeeded in not only losing weight but from becoming fat again.

Here’s what I did.

local gym

First find a local gym. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy gym or an iron gym. When I was a kid, my mom wouldn’t dream of sending me out to exercise, so I grew fat. But now that I am a grown man, the gym is a lifesaver. It gives you an avenue to safely lose weight indoors and you can even ask someone to help you come up with an effective training program.

Now, if indoor exercises are your thing and the gym is like a couple of hours away, don’t sweat it. you can do a lot of exercises indoors, provided you have the necessary equipment. You can do exercises like the P90X or other forms of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Exercises. This is to get your blood flowing, your muscles working, and your butt sweating. You can find beginner programs on the Internet, but you need to make sure that you familiar with the exercises involved and the proper form. Otherwise, you’re just going to invite injury and send yourself to the emergency room.

On the topic of indoor exercises, most people would fit their apartments or condominiums in the city with their own mini gym. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s an investment that you can risk provided you have the space. I have a buddy of mine who lives in an apartment upstate in Toronto and he purchased a customized squat rack, benches, and a few barbells with plates. He also got kettlebells and dumbbells. The setup was intended for a small room, no bigger than a standard master’s bedroom, and he was able to carry out most of his workouts effectively right in his own room.

fast food

What good is your exercise without proper nutrition? It’s tempting to go out and eat in different fast food chains every single day, but if you’re going to lose weight while you’re in the city, you need to resist the temptation. Go to a market where you can buy fresh produce. Take the time to make your own food. There are many recipes for healthy living that you can find online that will not require you to be a Master Chef. I found some of the best recipes from and it only takes me 10 minutes to prepare them.

The Beautiful and Manly Benefits of HIIT

lose weight

In a previous article, I mentioned something about HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training and how you can do this at home to help you lose weight. Now, HIIT focuses on long and sudden bursts of intensity followed by a shorter period of rest. A good example is when you jog. When you do HIIT, you can sprint for 1 minute and walk for 30 seconds. After walking, sprint again. This will not only leave you gasping for air, but it will effectively build up your cardiovascular endurance. But what else can HIIT offer?

HIIT is efficient. For people who’re gimped on time to go to the gym, you can do HIIT exercises for as little as 15 to 30 minutes anywhere. If you only have the mornings to jog around the block for 20 minutes, make the most out of it. Do some HIIT. Start off with a 2 minute warm up walk then sprint for 1 minute and then walk/jog for 30 seconds. The more you do this, the more your endurance will build up.

Woman performing push up in park

HIIT burns more calories. This is because HIIT pushes your body into a faster repair cycle. Let’s focus on another exercise. HIIT push-ups can be done differently. I prefer doing push-ups non-stop for a period of 30 seconds or till I hit failure then rest for 30 seconds. I do this for 4 to 5 more cycles. The muscles, when pushed into exerting more, will go into a state of hypertrophy after exercising. The old muscle fibres are torn during the workout, only to be replaced by newer and thicker muscle fibres after. When you build muscle, you lose fat. On top of that, it helps you become stronger.

HIIT helps you become healthier. HIIT pushes your various systems to the limits. Your cardiovascular endurance increases and it helps your heart pump blood faster to the different parts of your body. When healthy blood continues to circulate, your organs are revitalized and healthier in the process.

feel good

HIIT helps you feel good. Exercise is always an effective stress reliever and HIIT happens to be good at it. Intensity requires focus and focus on intensity would allow you to take your mind off of stressful things.

But before doing any of the HIIT programs you find on the Internet, make sure that you are fit enough to do them and that you know the proper form for the exercises involved. You don’t want to end up with a torn rotator cuff because you did the push-ups wrong or with a herniated back because of the way you did squats.

Yoga and Its Benefits

Enlightenment in nature

The art of Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years, and more than 11 million Americans are currently enjoying the numerous health benefits that this healthy lifestyle has to offer. The goal of Yoga is to unify mind, body and spirit. Yoga practitioners believe that the mind and body are one entity but are separated. With Yoga, the unification of the mind and body can bring total wellness and harmony from within. The body is able to heal itself faster, which is why some people consider Yoga to be a therapeutic experience.


Before anyone should start practicing Yoga, it is important to keep in mind that even though Yoga is a non-aerobic exercise, it still has its own risks. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, emergency rooms in hospitals have received and treated Yoga-related injuries like:

–          Neck strains

–          Spinal injuries

–          Shoulder injuries

–          Leg and knee injuries

These injuries are often caused by repetitive strains or overstretching, but there are cases when Yoga can aggravate existing conditions like:

–          Scoliosis and other spinal disorders

–          Pregnancy

–          Hypertension or hypotension

–          Ear problems

Yoga club

If you are undecided on practicing Yoga or joining a Yoga club, allow me to enlighten you on what you can get from this exercise.

1.)    Increased flexibility – Yoga involves a lot of positions that will help you become more flexible, although some of them are complicated. Be sure to ask help from a professional Yoga teacher or instructor.

2.)    Increased lubrication of the joints and tendons – Because you are involved in a lot of positions, your joints, tendons, and ligaments become more lubricated to allow you to meet the physical demands of Yoga. A lot of novice practitioners who admitted they were not flexible enough were surprised at their new found flexibility after a few sessions of Yoga.

3.)    Optimum detoxification – Yoga can massage our vital organs and internal glands because they are stimulated when we do one of the many complex positions. Because the muscles, organs, and glands are stimulated, blood circulation is improved, which also helps in flushing out the toxins out of our bodies.

4.)    Toned muscles – Muscles are toned more efficiently because they are stimulated vigorously.

Toned muscles

If you plan on becoming a general practitioner for Yoga by joining a Yoga club, you may want to consult with your local physician or doctors first.


Leatherhead Football Club – History

Leatherhead Football Club

The Leatherhead Football Club was born out of a merger between Leatherhead Rose and Leatherhead United back in 1946. But some research done by Graham Mitchell and David Johnston showed that the formation of the Leatherhead Football Club can be traced back to the time when the Leatherhead Rose was formed back in 1907. The records from the Surrey FA showed that the Leatherhead Football Club’s centenary was way back in the 2007-8 season.

The first clubs were formed back in 1896, followed 21 years later by the Leatherhead Rose. It was later established as a team drawn from the Leatherhead Common. The Dorking and District League was formed in 1909 and before its formation, the Leatherhead Rose played a few friendlies. When the league was formed, they became the first League champions. However, the League shut down between 1914 and 1919 when the Great War happened. During this time, four players from the Leatherhead Rose and one committee member were killed. One prominent family from the Leatherhead Rose sent out 7 brothers to the war, 5 of whom were killed and the 6th lost a leg. The only brother that survived the war continued his career in 1919-20 when the Rose became the champions again. By 1920, the Leatherhead Rose joined the Kingston and District League. They won the League championship 3 times. The last time they won was back in 1938-39.

Meanwhile the Leatherhead United was formed in 1924 and won Division one of the Sutton and District League in 1925-26. They ended up in third place in the Sutton and District Premier League, coming close behind the Leatherhead Rose. They became champions in 1933-34 when they joined the Surrey Intermediate League, but they were relegated after a terrible season in 1937.

When the second War ended, the two teams met in May 27 1946 and the Leatherhead Football Club was born. The two clubs pooled their resources and elected three former Rose officials and two United officials as the club’s officers.